Current Projects

New Muslim Education

  • Basic Islamic Education
  • Wordly Education
  • Financial Scholarship

New Muslims Protection

  • Shelter
  • Legal Support

New Muslims Social support:

  • Jobs
  • Micro finance ( Specially for student for Huqooq un Naas Welfare Foundation)
  • Marriages
  • Medical treatment and food
  • Financial scholarship for deserving new Muslims

Dawah for all: (Special For Non Muslims Communities)

  • By literature
  • Answering critics of Islam via social media multimedia book writing other available sources
  • Debates

Defend Islam Section:

  • Answering questions about Islam
  • Removing misconception about Islam
  • Writing the book removing misconceptions about Quran
  • Writing a book on the seeraha prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the perspective of all
  • Religions and defending allegations of non Muslims
  • Arranging comparative study courses to equip Muslims
  • Answering critics and defending Islam by video presentations