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At this point, I most humbly wish to inform that Haqooq un Naas , which was a little plant once has taken the shape of a tree now, and Alhumdulillah several newly converts are acquiring education and knowledge from the organization and practicing Islam as a religion to make themselves and their close ones to be successful in the life-after, inshAllah. All these students are being sponsored by Haqooq un Naas, which is also including health and medical, as well as other needs. Apart from these, Haqooq un Naas has also contributed for the marriage and settlement of muslim sisters. Haqooq un Naas is also striving to help newly converted Muslims in their legal matters. The organization has also provided loans for the unemployed. Lastly, Haqooq un Naas is also working to preach and invite other non-muslims to the true religion (Islam).

   Bank Details

  • Bank Al-Baraka
  •  Account #: 0100273648015
  •  Shadman Branch
  •  Code #: 0307
  •  116 Shadman Colony -1, Shadman, Lahore