Fortnightly review

The performance of the students, both male and female, is judged in a fortnightly review during which they are also given necessary guidance for understanding the course.

Basic Islamic education and training (For Males)

This is a 6-month basic training course for new Muslims, with 8 hours daily teaching at the institute. The Huqooqun Naas Welfare Foundation undertakes full financial responsibility … Read More

Primary religious education and training course (For females)

This is a 6-monthly basic course for which every effort is made to arrange a place nearest to the residences of the students. As Islam entrusts the womenfolk the heavy responsibility of upbringing… Read More


The students are also trained for discussion/ debates with the followers of other religions on different issues and are provided suitable answers to the queries generally made by the infidels… Read More

Comparative study of religions

The students are given necessary information about different religions of the present day world, especially Christianity, for the purpose of preaching in the non-Muslims… Read More