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Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the renowned poet of the East, envisioned a land for Muslims that materialised as Pakistan under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan was established with the noble objective of creating a society rooted in obedience to Allah and His prophet, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The vision for Pakistan was to cultivate an environment where Muslims could freely practise their faith without fear or hindrance, setting an example for other nations around the world.

Sole Purpose Of Huqooq Un Naas

The sole purpose of Huqooq Un Naas is Dawah and maximum support to new Muslims in every aspect of life.

Our Charity

Projects of Huqooq Un Naas

Dawah to Non-Muslims

Huqooq Un Naas is working hard to share the teachings of Islam through special projects. We’ve talked one-on-one with over 50,000 people and had group discussions with another 50,000+. We’re dedicated to spreading the light of Islam through conversations and teamwork.

New Muslim Education

Huqooq Un Naa helps new Muslims grow spiritually with its Education Project. We have different programs that help new Muslims learn more and be ready for a strong connection with their faith.

New Muslim Facilitation

Huqooq Un Naas helps new Muslims learn new skills with its Skill Development Project. We have special classes that teach new Muslims things to help you grow in your personal and work life.

Research and Publishing

Huqooq Un Naas helps people understand different religions through our special department. Our team, led by scholars, researches and compares religions to answer questions from non-Muslims. We share information about Islam through books and materials, showing its beauty and values.

Social Media Department

Huqooq Un Naas talks about Islam on social media to help people understand and have good conversations. We use podcasts, talks, and debates to share insights about Islam and clear up misunderstandings. Our team defends Islam with logic and evidence, answering criticisms and promoting a better understanding.

Public Welfare Department

Huqooq Un Naas helps people during tough times through our Public Welfare Department. When there’s a disaster, our team gets food, water, shelter, and medical help to affected communities. We make special packages for new Muslims during Ramadan, helping them with the practices and rituals.

Huqooq Un Naas Flagship Project

HUN New Muslim Complex

Introducing the amazing HUN New Muslim Complex, a big project by Huqooq Un Naas that shows our strong commitment to helping and empowering new Muslims. It’s the biggest project in Pakistan, covering a large area. Inside the complex, there’s a modern Skills Center where people learn important skills for personal and work growth. Right next to it, there’s a school that teaches a full range of subjects, helping students grow smarter. To make sure everyone has what they need, there’s a water plant for clean water and a healthcare center for medical help. The complex also has a beautiful mosque where up to 300 people can pray together, creating a strong sense of community and devotion.

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New Muslim Complex

What We Offer

How Huqooq Un Naas Helps New Muslims?


Huqooq Un Naas aids new Muslims with legal support for independent living.

Legal Support

Huqooq Un Naas provides complete legal support to new Muslims to help them survive.

Shelter Support

Huqooq Un Nas provides shelter to new Muslims who are ousted from their family homes.

Islamic Educatio

Huqooq Un Naas delivers basic Islamic education to new Muslims to live like practicing Muslims.

Societal Support

Huqooq Un Nas helps new Muslims to get adjusted to the Muslim society independently.

Skill Development

We empower new Muslims by enhancing their skills and starting a business.

Financial Support

Huqooq Un Naas provides financial support to every new Muslim to help them get by.

Business Support

Huqooq Un Naas aids new Pakistani Muslims with skills, fostering financial independence.

Islamic Pillars

Aims of Huqooq Un Nas

Empowering Through Legal Advocacy

Empowering Through Legal Advocacy

Figuring out legal stuff can be tough, especially for new Muslims. We're here to give strong support to the law, making sure their rights and interests are kept safe and sound.

Education and Skill Development for a Fulfilling Journey

Education and Skill Development for a Fulfilling Journey

We care about new Muslims, and we show it by helping them learn and gain useful skills. With knowledge and practical skills, we help them build a meaningful and purposeful future.

Harmonizing New Muslims in Society: A Multifaceted Approach

Harmonizing New Muslims in Society: A Multifaceted Approach

We are committed to helping new Muslims fit into our community easily. We use different ways to help them adjust, making sure they feel welcomed, understood, cared for.

Dispelling Misconceptions Through Knowledge Sharing

Dispelling Misconceptions Through Knowledge Sharing

We work hard to clear up misunderstandings about Islam. We use helpful books, interesting workshops, and events to help people better understand our faith more deeply and accurately.

Empowering the Public: Literature for Problem Solving

Empowering the Public: Literature for Problem Solving

We give out books and information based on the Quran and Hadith. These materials help solve problems in society, and our goal is to give people powerful solutions based on Islamic teachings.

A Beacon of Quranic and Hadith Awareness

A Beacon of Quranic and Hadith Awareness

We're dedicated to sharing knowledge from the Quran and Hadith. By helping people learn and understand more, we want to make our society smarter, spiritually inspired, and more enlightened.

Global Propagation of Quranic and Hadith Wisdom

Global Propagation of Quranic and Hadith Wisdom

We're on a mission to share the teachings of the Quran and Hadith (Teachings of the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him), not just in Pakistan, but all around the world.

Preserving Sacred Knowledge: Conserving Printed Quran and Hadith

Preserving Sacred Knowledge: Conserving Printed Quran and Hadith

We're dedicated to keeping the wise teachings of the Quran and Hadith. We make sure the books and materials stay around for a long time, so generations can learn from them.

Salient Features of Huqooq Un Naas

Key Features of Huqooq Un Naas:

  • First officially registered organization in Pakistan dedicated to the education and training of new Muslims.
  • Organized Pakistan’s inaugural new Muslim conference, a significant milestone in promoting faith and understanding.
  • Actively involved in creating a vast 6 Kanal new Muslim Complex, poised to empower and facilitate growth.
  • Produces distinctive and authentic literature for the propagation and defense of the Islamic faith, contributing to knowledge dissemination.
An introduction

Huqooq Un Naas Foundation

Within the blessed land of Pakistan, Huqooq Un Naas Welfare Foundation has emerged as an organization dedicated to educating and empowering new Muslims, while addressing their cultural, societal, and political challenges to the best of its abilities. Like many other welfare organizations, the inception of Huqooq Un Naas is rooted in the personal journey of an individual who has experienced the highs and lows of life.

You can join

You can join Huqooq Un Naas in the following ways

Fact & Figures

Malicious propaganda by a minority faction seeks to isolate, weaken, and tarnish Pakistan globally, falsely claiming coercion into Islam. Contrary to this, individuals of all faiths genuinely embracing Islam do so willingly, while coerced conversions are oppressing human rights. The plight remains overlooked, while key issues encompass:

False cases render converts economically and socially vulnerable (we have witnessed 512 cases all over Pakistan). Preachers of harmony sever children from new converts in schools. These adversities stem from both minority groups and institutions within the Muslim community. Governmental and societal hurdles further persist:

Future Dreams of Huqooq Un Naas

Expansion Across Pakistan

We want to establish regional offices in multiple cities across Pakistan.

Building Bridges with Non-Muslims

Serve as a bridge for conveying Islamic teachings to non-Muslim communities

Cross-Border Outreach

Going beyond geographical boundaries, we aim to extend its efforts globally.

Inclusive Literature Initiatives

We are committed to creating and distributing literature in various languages.

Development of Muslim Complexes

Huqooq Un Naas plans to develop new Muslim complexes and communities.

Teaching Islamic Values

Huqooq Un Naas seeks to convey the teachings of Islam to a broader audience.

Support Huqooq Un Nass

Haqooq Un Nass, as the first officially registered organization in Pakistan.