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About Huqooq-un-Naas Welfare Foundation

Huqooq-un-Naas Welfare Foundation is an institution which aims and strives to educate, develop and resolve social, cultural, and political issues of those who have newly accepted Islam as a religion. Like several of the non-profit organisations, behind the formation of Huqooq-un-Naas Welfare Foundation, lie the bitter experiences and hardships of an individual. This individual was born in 1979 to a Christian Catholic family, however in his youth, a pursuit for finding the truth kindled in a similar manner to Salman Farsi (R.A.). After a long and laborious struggle, he finally reached a conclusion in year 2005 that Islam is the only faith that would bestow peace and tranquillity upon him, and Allah is the Waahid (only One) and La-Shareek (without any one sharing his Oneness – One and Only) and Quran is an authentic divine code of life; The Quran revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) and extended to the humanity through the Prophet himself. Accepting Islam and living a life abiding to its code seemed to the only way to obey and please his Creator – Allah Bari Taa’la. Hence, with the passage of time, the new faith of this man became a source of strength for every struggle he faced in way of pleasing Allah.
After accepting Islam as a religion, there were substantial difficulties associated with obtaining basic education and training about the newly accepted religion. Deeply disheartened by the situation, this newly converted Muslim deeply felt the need for an organized system. At that time, there was no institute where this newly converted Muslim Abdul Waris could obtain the basic and essential education required at his particular stage as a convert. At this time Abdul Waris realized that there did exist many organizations working for many different purposes, but none for absorbing effectively newly converted Muslims. Consequently, he started visiting other Muslim Brothers for direction and guidance. The realization rose that Islam itself calls for such an organization, encouraging one by the promises of the rewards in this world, as well as the world after. Consequently, the seed of this new organization ‘Huqooq-un-Naas Welfare Foundation’ was sown by Abdul Waris in form of an idea, off-course very fragile in its early stages, without proper attention and support.
With the passing time, the perseverance and determination of Abdul Waris convinced a few practicing Muslim brothers to facilitate him and strengthen his newly formed Haqooq un Naas. Here it is imperative to mention the support and sponsorship extended by the Quran Academy, run under the supervision of late Dr. Israr Ahmed (R.A.), which not only worked on the education and mentorship of this newly converted Muslim, but also contributed immensely by providing guidelines for an organization which substantially strengthened the foundations of the concept and emergence of an organization like Haqooq un Naas. These guidelines proved quite helpful for Abdul Waris to locate and support newly converted Muslims. Quran Academy became the source for Abdul Waris to bring Abdullah Mohid, Mahboob Basharat, Abdullah Sheikh, Bhai Khurram, Baji Ayesha Zahid, and Baji Aabida Nasir to unite under the umbrella to walk together towards the creation of Haqooq un Naas.
Later, Professor Muhammad Yahya, who is keeping a very soft heart and concern for new converts, was insistant that Abdul Waris himself should the one organizing this institute aimed for the assistance and support of the newly converted Muslims. Further, with the support and encouragement offered by Sufi Muhammad Akram Sb. and Ijaz Ahmed Khawaja Sb. provided the desired driving force for Abdul Waris to go forward with the idea. Continued by support of Shafique brother, Haqooq un Naas was able to develop a stable set up for an office and class rooms for the enrolled members.
The commitment on Abdul Waris’s part continued to grow, and finally in the Holy month of Ramadan in 2009, the first New Muslim Conference was held in Masjid Dar-ul-Islam, Lahore. Abdul Waris, along with Mehboob Basharat represented the new Muslims in this conference. Consequently, with Allah’s help, the organization Huqooq-un-Naas Welfare Foundation was founded in January 2010.
During, the very first day operations, Mr. Nasir Bashir Alvi was kind enough to offer his office space to the Huqooq-un-Naas Welfare Foundation. Further, the availability of funds with the organization were very limited and at that moment, Hafiz Abdul Waheed Sb, committed significant support by undertaking the financial sponsorship of Abdul Waris, so that Abdul Waris can fully concentrate and dedicate himself to Huqooq-un-Naas. The support from Hafiz Abdul Waheed Sb. proved tremendously helpful for the growth and development of Huqooq-un-Naas in its beginning stages. Alhamdullillah today, Huqooq-un-Naas Welfare Foundation is pretty much a self reliant foundation, which manages its expense on the staff, office, classrooms, and sponsorship of new Muslim Brothers and sisters.
The core and the only purpose behind this foundation is to serve humanity with the intention of pleasing our Creator Allah Almighty. As the last Apostle of Allah (P.B.U.H.) reported to have said: “One who serves widows, orphans and the needy is similar to one who stands up in prayers at nights, or one who fasts all day, or the one who fights for Allah’s cause.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, 5353)
Advocating the superior qualities of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) Uma-tul-Momineen Sayyadah Khadija-tul-Kubrah (R.A.) quoted: “You are kind in keeping good relations; you share the burden of the weak and work for the poor and needy. You are hospitable towards the visitors and support those oppressed by injustice.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, 3)
Under the light of these narrations, we are being been taught by our Prophet (P.B.U.H) that one should also maintain his attention and efforts towards the welfare work for the humanity.

Our Ideology

The creation of Pakistan under the Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s leadership provided the piece of land for the realization of the dream of the Poet of the East Allama Muhammad Iqbal… Read More


To use all available resources in order provide the possible basic tools for the correction of the society according to the Islamic code and To make utmost effort to help the deserving students along with poor, orphans, and widowed, and to support in marriages of orphan girls… Read More

Our Executive Body

Every month, all committee members unite for a meeting to discuss the progress for the past month and agenda for the coming month. Further, suggestions are openly discussed regarding the active matters of newly converted Muslims, and other financial and operational matters… Read More