Huqooq Un Nas takes great pride in offering comprehensive legal support services to New Muslims in Pakistan.

What We Offer

Legal Support

Huqooq Un Naas is proud to help New Muslims in Pakistan with legal support. Our dedicated team of lawyers is here to guide and protect those who recently embraced Islam. We assist with paperwork like name changes and ID cards, and we handle any legal issues that may come up. Our experienced lawyers know Pakistani law well and work hard to protect the rights and interests of our New Muslim friends. With Huqooq Un Naas, New Muslims can face legal matters with confidence, knowing they have a reliable ally by their side.

Financial Support

At Huqooq Un Naas, we know how important money is for New Muslims in Pakistan. Our group is here to give them the support they need. We provide money help like grants, scholarships, and gifts to help New Muslims go to school, find jobs, and get what they need. We think having enough money is crucial for their journey, and we want to help remove any money problems that might get in their way. With Huqooq Un Naas, New Muslims can make a safe and good future, knowing they have friends to help with their money needs.

Basic Islamic Education

Huqooq Un Naas helps New Muslims in Pakistan learn about Islam. We know understanding Islam is important for their spiritual journey. Our group provides access to basic programs on Quranic studies, Islamic teachings, and guidance on important rituals. With our teachers and resources, we want to make sure New Muslims can understand their faith better and feel confident in their new beliefs. Our goal is to give them the knowledge and wisdom to lead a happy Islamic life and be active members of the Muslim community in Pakistan.

Shelter Support

Huqooq Un Naas understands how important it is for New Muslims in Pakistan to have a safe and caring place, especially when they face challenges from family or society. Our shelter support is here to give them a temporary home where they can feel safe and peaceful. We want to protect not only their physical well-being but also provide emotional and psychological support so they can continue their spiritual journey without worry. Huqooq Un Naas is like strong support for New Muslims, giving them a safe space to practice their faith and build a better future.

Societal Support

Huqooq Un Naas helps New Muslims in Pakistan with important community support. We know they might face challenges from their families and communities. Our group gives advice, counseling, and a friendly network to help them deal with these pressures and improve understanding in their families. We want to encourage conversations and tolerance, bringing together different beliefs and promoting acceptance and respect. Our support service aims to create a peaceful environment where New Muslims can follow their faith while keeping good relationships with their families and communities. We’re dedicated to making a place where New Muslims feel respected and understood, without feeling left out or different from their friends.

Development and Business Support

Huqooq Un Naas helps New Muslims in Pakistan with skills and business support. We know it’s important for them to learn useful skills and be independent financially. Our group offers different programs to help them learn, get vocational training, and start their businesses. We give guidance, resources, and connections to help them begin their careers and business ventures. Through this service, we want to help New Muslims be independent and successful, so they can contribute to their families and communities while staying true to their faith. Huqooq Un Naas is committed to helping them grow professionally and financially, making sure they can do well in Pakistan’s diverse economy.